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Goal Setting – A Task

Goal setting! Isn’t easy, right ?! 

It is a task. It is indeed one, but we can all do it. 

I did it, so can you! 

I’m no expert, but I’ll try to run you through the things that helped me plan out and attain some of my goals.

These are not really steps that you need to follow but some criteria that has to be kept in mind while you plan on setting a goal and obviously attaining it!

1. Do I have a Goal?

Having a goal set helps you think and drives your mind towards that path. This will motivate you to drive harder towards it. It will help you to put double the amount of efforts and move out of your comfort zone.

For example:

If you want to become a doctor.

So, here, your goal is to be a doctor!

How attainable that will be, we shall see that further.

2. Is my Goal achievable?

Considering the same example, 

Can I become a doctor? 

Here, you are trying to check your capabilities, a little bit of reality check!

At times, because of society we might see certain goals or professions as OUR goals but it may so happen that our interest lies in something else.

So, you can ask yourself certain questions like:

-Do I have interest in this field?

-Do I see myself as a doctor/ engineer/ businessman?

-Do I have the finance needed to attain my goal?

-Am I capable enough?

-Am I ready to take certain amount of pressure or some extra efforts, sleepless nights..maybe failures??

-Am I ready to face the consequences, incase any?

-Do I have a plan B? 

-Am I secured enough for plan B if plan A fails?

Questions like these can help you discover self and your true interests.

3. Is my Goal practical/ real? –

We all have dreams and we must not confuse them with goals. Goals are set and planned for us inorder to achieve them. We cannot be unreal and impractical about them. 

For example,

If you want to become a doctor and let’s say you have enough inorder to become one but you have absolutely no interest in medicine. This I feel is unfair to you.

Work towards what you like rather than diving yourself into an unknown profession.


You may want to become a doctor, have interest in medicine but your grades aren’t up to the mark then I suppose medicine cannot be a very sensible profession to choose. Medicine isn’t easy, it requires loads of patience and hard work; cannot be taking it on a lighter note just for the sake of having a Dr. tag ahead of your name.

4. How do I achieve my Goal?

Set smaller goals inorder to reach your ultimate Goal. 

Let me make it a little easy for you by using the above example:

So, if you want to become a doctor, you will have to pass a certain grade, followed by giving certain entrance exams, in short you start off by checking the criteria to get yourself admitted to a medical college! So, here passing a certain grade is your smaller goal followed by entrance exams and then it goes on and on until one day you become a doctor!

These smaller goals are measurable and give you a sense of achievement in itself which helps you to push yourself into achieving and working twice the amount.

5. Am I taking enough credits?

After every small accomplishment, take time to appreciate your work and efforts. Whatever your goal maybe, there is struggle behind it, whether you become a doctor or a chef or any other professional for that matter. Everybody works hard and deserves a pat on the back! 

*Replace the above example with your goal and sit with it. Take time, take a piece of pen and paper, write it all down, talk to people who are experienced and may guide you through the right way.

This goal doesn’t really have to be career related, this strategy can be applied for any daily life goals you think you’ve got to reach and achieve.

So, here I did try to put it all out in an easy comprehensive way, as simplified as I could have made it. I hope this may be of some help to you because these truly helped me. 

Let me know how effective this was for you.

All the best and remember it is ok to fail and fall, what really matters is to get up and start walking and walking towards what you truly want!

5 Ways To Regain Your Energy

Hey! Hey! Hope you are having a great day! However, I also do know that there are days where we don’t really feel ourselves, where we don’t really feel our energy! I too have had such days where I just want to be under a blanket and do absolutely nothing, just because I don’t feel myself! But! I did manage to try certain things out which helped me to get better and have less of such days and be more ME !! 

On such days, you may usually feel really low in energy, mentally drained and awful.. for at times no particular reason. This is even more annoying because if you knew the reason, you would try to fix it and be at it! So, on days where I feel really down and all negative , I do activities that help me get it all out! It can be any emotion and feeling of anxiety, sadness or any kind of disturbance that makes you feel like you’ve lost your balance in life! Some activities which in my opinion have helped me and a few extra ones which I feel may do the trick as well!

So, the very first one being,

1. Breathing –

A very obvious technique, nothing new about it..however, we still do fail at it! The right thought is important as that is the key and the trick that helps and changes everything. Breathe in and Out! Inhale in 4 times and exhale out 8 can have the count as per your convenience. In a calm quiet room, sitting in a corner, just focusing on every breath and with every exhalation having a constant thought of ‘negative’ energy leaving your system.

2. Cleaning – 

Ok ! Alright, hold on, I know it sounds really mundane and I agree with you! But right now our focus is to get out our energy, our ‘negative’ energy. I did try this and it has helped me all the time! When you decide on cleaning and you get started, you are actually putting in your energy into something. Since you feel low and negativity around you, you let out this feeling of energy onto your surrounding. So, you can probably be dusting around, doing the dishes, cleaning up your closet, basically anything which may not require much of concentration but allows you to let your ‘negative’ energy leave and get out of your system. 

3. Journaling –

One of the most effective techniques of mine! Always works! This doesn’t really involve you to walk around or do anything super extra, instead, as you begin to write, you are writing about your feelings, emotions and thoughts, so it is a way to vent out your energy. I do talk about Journaling in full detail in my other blog which you can read through and try it for yourself! 

4. Gym/ Meditation/ Exercise –

Now, there are different types of people who prefer different ways of ‘feeling them selves.’ There are extreme levels – 

a. People who do a proper hard core workout, crazy cardio, and,

b. People who prefer meditation or doing some exercises on a lighter note.

You can be either and still be successful at feeling yourself wholly!! It definitely works! 

5. Get a friend –

I guess this must be the most preferred activity you would prefer of all the others! On days where you feel low, ring a friend or friends, call them over and talk it all out to them. You may prefer talking to just one person or maybe more, that is totally on your comfort level. You might want to sit with them, focus and talk about what you feel and why you feel. You may sometimes just feel better by talking because you may not need solutions but a listener, a friend to just be there for you!

These were only a few which I thought are super easy and really effective activities to start with. 

There are definitely so many more techniques and activities one can do to feel themselves better and wholly. Let me know if you try any of these and to what extent they were helpful. Ofcourse, you may initially fall multiple times and feel demotivated to begin with but always remember, determination is the key! You have to make up your mind, take that one step towards your goal and trust me you are halfway there!

Not ok to OK!

Well , to begin with as the title suggests ,

‘It is ok to not be ok’, heard of this? 

This clearly means that one cannot be smiling or happy all the time, we all have our reasons to feel sad or horrible about something, at times we might know the reason , at times we might not..there are many instances in life which we don’t really adapt to too well.

Here, are just a few random statements which i could think off must be habitual .

1. Sometimes IT IS OK to make the worst mistake ever…

-Because you are a human and humans tend to make mistakes and do things they never intended to do !

2. I understand that you cannot see your parents or partner or friends cry but trust me sometimes IT IS OK to cry..    

-Because sometimes the problem is just in your head and crying is helping you vent it all out !

3. IT IS ABSOLUTELY OK for a man to cry..

-Because men are humans too !

It is ok to feel completely worked up ,to feel that you have all the problems in the world ,to feel that you have no solutions..

Remember: There is a solution to every problem ,as it is rightly said, every problem comes with a solution, just like every lock has a key.

4.IT IS OK to feel sad for no reason..

-Because we are all human beings and we all do have mood swings irrespective of our age or gender. At times we just don’t want to be around people, we just want to be alone ! I see no harm there !!

5. IT IS OK to make a mistake..

-Because you can always correct yourself by not repeating it again ,by repenting, by trying to work on it!

6.IT IS OK to show that you care…

-Because if you don’t, chances are that you might lose them , lose those who value you , care for you ,love you.. so, put your “care” into words is at times necessary because every human likes an assurance! 

So, here were simply a few statements which I thought I should mention are fine to come across as life experiences.There is ofcourse alot more to this, please do let me know some in the comments down below and you may never know whom your inspire.

How To NOT Procrastinate ?

Procrastination is something we all have done multiple times for various reasons. And it is ok to procrastinate sometimes, yes, it’s fine. However, sometimes it does start to affect your functionality and productivity. It may also make you feel low about yourself, make you feel guilty, however, there maybe few ways which can help. These were a few which I’ve tried and have helped me progress, slow and easy.

Let me try to explain them to you :

1. Just Do It –

This first thing seems absurdly impossible, but trust me, it does work! Slowly, but yes! The moment you have a task assigned to yourself, just do it at the moment, even before your mind starts to work and gives you passive thoughts of procrastination. Just get up and do it right away, plan it out and execute it! Don’t let your mind control you!!

2. Have fixed activities – 

Try to fix yourself with certain daily or weekly tasks or activities, so that you are able to start with atleast accomplishing minimal, yet important tasks, instead of marking your way towards procrastination.

3. Positive Self Talk-

Every morning when you wake up, start your day on a positive note, with a positive self talk. Stand in front of the mirror, and try to talk to yourself positively, make yourself feel good and worthy. 

For instance, 

‘I have the ability to complete my assignments and projects before the deadline, before the target time and I will do it’


‘I am trying hard, it doesn’t feel easy but I am on it.’


‘I can and I will.’

4. Rewards and Punishments –

Old school strategy! Always worked and yes, it did work for me too. As the name suggests, you reward yourself after accomplishment of every task and punish yourself incase of failure in the accomplishment of a task. I do have this in full detail in my other blogs, you can definitely check them out too.

5. Have a buddy –

This usually works in every case to accomplish every activity. 

You want to work out, get going to the gym, get a gymming buddy!

You want to finish a task, find a buddy with a similar task and just get started. 

This has personally helped me grow so much easily and effortlessly. Work doesn’t feel like a burden or something ‘to just get it over with’. You may end up enjoying your work.

6.Have a fixed schedule –

Procrastination may feel like a difficult habit to leave, but it is not impossible. Determination is the key. For this, you can try preparing a time table, a schedule which is prepared by your own self. You can decide the timings and the tasks to be assigned for each time slot. If you are someone who would like to try this and give it a shot, then I do have a separate blog where I’ve mentioned in full detail on how to go about preparing your own schedule step by step.

These may take time and alot of determination, start slow, no ‘Starting’ is the key. The will to bring about a change and is ok, you are only human, don’t be so harsh on yourself.

Start slow and easy, one step at a time. If I could do it, then you can too!

Please do let me know what strategies helped you through and also would really love some new recommendations!!

Use Or Not Use Social Media ?

Now I know that we live in a world that runs because of technology and how it is easy to spend hours on social media just so you are updated all the time. However, I’ve come across alot of people who have had experiences where it was difficult for them to do any particular task because their mind would always demand a social media break very often.

In my opinion, it is definitely not easy to forget your mobile phones or tabs or ipads completely and just keep on working, a little break is definitely needed. 

Here, what you need to understand is that we need a balance, we need to balance out – work time and social media time. 

A few strategies that helped me gain control over my technology use which may come in handy for you guys.

1. Rewards –

Now this strategy is no new, this is a strategy that our parents have used with us since we were little – a little candy for writing A to Z. We do the same! Only difference, we replace candy with our mobile phones and A to Z with our tasks.

Let me make it a little more easier, you may have your exams coming up or maybe you have a presentation you need to prepare for and you feel absolutely demotivated to choose work or exams over your can talk to yourself and convince yourself to study or work on your presentation for an hour, only then do you allow yourself to get an access to your phone. Now, I know this is easier said than done, I understand! I hear you!! It is a little bit of a self control skill that may take time, so let’s say you start of with 15 minutes of work and then you get your reward, eventually increasing your task time which then helps to increase self control.

2.Punishment –

Obviously, as the name suggests! Haha. This is exactly the opposite, so if you do not study or work for 30 minutes, for instance, then you don’t use your phone at all. Now, I know you may still try to not punish your self but you really need to question yourself and decide what you want and if you are firm, then I promise you, you will definitely grow through this!

Here, you have it – two techniques only to start a little bit of self control, eventually mastering and learning to create a balance between work and social media time. This may take time, alot of dedication and patience, you may also feel like giving up but even if you could master 5 minutes of self control, here, you have made progress. Always remember, as someone once said slow progress is still progress.

Do let me know below how your experience was and also if you have certain other strategies as I would definitely like to try a few.

Life is Tough

Don’t just say life is tough!

Do something about it!

I’ve come across so many people who say to me that life isn’t going as it was planned. I ask..your plan?? Do you plan your life ? Like for real?? We are not the writers of our life, things are already planned, written, it is all fixed! We can definitely design our life, add a little bit of colours, a drop of positivity and blending it all together with a dash of love. Don’t just say, ‘My life is tough’, instead question yourself, what can I do about it ? Don’t sulk or cry over it all day. Ofcourse, allow your emotions to flow and express it all, but don’t just stay there, that is the exact point where things seem to appear non functional. Life is going to be full of highs and lows, that is how life works..those are the “rules”. Don’t stop! Keep moving, even if it is as simple as doing the dishes today to just scheduling a day’s work. It all can start with one step at a time, slowly, at your own pace, whenever you are ready. Don’t bother about what other people are going to say or think, this is your life, design it the way you want it! Live it your way! So get up, and get going !! 

Think about things which you feel aren’t functional, things that you feel are going “wrong”, things that you may think are missing. 

Take a piece of paper and just start writing..

“XYZ (a task or a habit) has worked for me and has helped me through years now. I can continue with this.”

“This doesn’t seem to work, what do I do now? Do I need help from someone?

Ask yourself tons of questions, for instance,

  • What has happened now?
  • What can be done now?
  • What changes need to be made now?
  • What is now my next step?
  • What things should be kept in my mind now?
  • How do I grow from this?
  • What did I learn from this mistake?

Remember, ‘now‘ is the key word in every question, because we need to work from the ‘right now’ version of you.

Such similar questions may be so helpful and may make things appear easy, infact there are many more, which you can frame and ask yourself based on the situation.

Life can be made beautiful, just give yourself that time and space, that one chance which you deserve. Yes, my friend, you deserve it. You have come a long way now, you’ve been stronger in the past. You are better than this, just allow yourself. Grab that chance, don’t let it go!!

Please do let me know if this helped, or is there any other technique that you use, may come in handy to me!!Thank you in advance!

It is all OK

You must have heard of, “It is ok to not be ok”…Do you stand by this statement?? Please do! Because it is absolutely ok. It is ok to feel sad or broken or excited or angry…these are all your feelings, your emotions. They make you who you are, allow yourself and feel them completely.

Here, are random 25 such statements which are absolutely ok to face or feel :

1. It is ok to accept compliments!I don’t always have to be so modest.

2. It is ok to ask for help as I am somehow, someway dependent on others.

3. It is ok to feel hopeless on days where I feel all the things are going in the opposite direction. 

(Though, deep down you know everything happens for a reason and for your own good.)

4. It is ok to love someone who doesn’t love me enough.

5. It is ok to mess up things because I am just a human..and humans make mistakes. That’s ok.

6. It is ok to cry, it doesn’t make me weak. Infact, I’m giving myself the freedom of expression.

7. It is ok to fail! I will try even harder tomorrow to be best at this. I know I can do it. I am capable!

8. It is ok to have a bad day. I learnt about managing myself in unpredictable situations and that was a lesson!

9. It is ok to not be good at everything. I am different and capable of doing different things differently.

10. It is ok to feel disappointed. Not everything can be in my favour

11. It is ok to feel pain, hurt and broken. Pain is a part of life. It makes me who I am and accepting it is going to make my life a little easy.

12. It is ok to take a break. There are days when I feel like taking a pause from the world around because I want it!

13. It is ok to have hopes. I just need to keep them real and be practical about them.

14. It is ok to be fearful. Fears have made people stronger in the past. This is my reality that feels challenging.

15. It is ok to be alone sometimes. It allows me to connect with myself and re energise for a better me.

16. It is ok to put myself first. I deserve to first stay mentally healthy myself and then try to look out for others.

17. It is ok to feel rejected. I will be accepted by people and at places which are perfectly right for me.

18. It is ok to be different. It is ok to stand out. There are many many people out there but nobody can be me. I am unique and amazing. 

19. It is ok to unintentionally hurt someone I love. I am sorry about it but I am just a human. I try my best but I cannot make everyone happy.

20. It is ok to do something I like. It is my time and it makes me happy.

21. It is ok to have flaws. They complete me and make me who I am. 

22. It is ok to feel like a loser. Presently, things aren’t going in my direction but I have hope because I know my capabilities.

23. It is ok to quit something that is unhealthy. Quitting (mention your unhealthy habit) made me better, it doesn’t make me a non-achiever. 

24. It is ok to be emotional. I am a human and I have emotions. It helps me discover my true inner self.

25. It is ok to feel. It is ok that I feel my feelings. Feelings are supposed to be felt and not thought about.

How many statements did you find relatable? List them down and tell them to yourself every single morning as an approach towards self care and self love.

Trust me, it is a walk towards self growth!

What To Journal?

This is a very frequent dilemma which we all have come across. I’ve had people say to me, 

“I’ve got loads of books and journals which I want to use but I have no idea what to write in them.” Let me know if you are one of them, hehehe.

Some people may even be confused as to what journaling is all about ?! I do have a separate blog on it which you can read before this one in order to get a brief idea on the same. 

I love to write, from making an everyday to do list to planning a week to simply journaling my thoughts. I, therefore, decided on sharing five things which I personally like to journal about. 

These are purely my thoughts and ideas, you can definitely add so many more!!

1. Goals-

Now, this is a very common topic to journal down but here, I would often make small and minute goals in order to achieve bigger ones. I tried to always set in goals which are practically possible and achievable. For instance, if you want to start any business, you might want to focus on step one of your business which may require creating a plan of your business followed by investment needs. You can’t be thinking about step 5 – set up of business or reaching out to people in order to create a team. All of this becomes secondary as your primary need must be achieved first. 

2. Stressors/Feelings/Mental Health-

This type of journal basically involves you to write your heart out! This journal is like your friend who is non-judgemental, listens, gives you your time and space, allows you to express and feel whatever is that you want to feel. This journal can hear your deepest darkest secrets, let you cry and feel your pain, accept your scars and learn to live again. Here, you can pour out your thoughts and emotions wholly without fearing anything. 

For instance, 

  • I feel really low today for reasons I don’t really know. 
  • I lost a very good friend today because of xyz reasons. I really miss her but she shouldn’t have misunderstood me. It wasn’t my fault.

*Here, you talk about one event in extreme detail or any emotion.

3. Daily write up of the day-

This is like writing a small gist of your entire day. This is a really good memorable journal to turn back to.

For instance, 

12th February 2019,

I received a certificate in a debate competition which was held in XYZ school. I won the first prize and the topic was “xyz”. It was really great to be a part of this competition. It wasn’t easy but I gave my one hundred percent! Then…(the writing continues)

When you read this in 2021, you feel great about yourself and it is in full detail so you can relive the beautiful moment as well.

In case if you write about a heartbreak or a day full of disappointments and failures, it is like an eye opener, a realisation that life goes on and you never give up, neither then nor now !

*Please note that this type of journal is different from the second one. The former is situational and based on a single event. This journal has details about your whole day.

4. Self-improvement-

As the name suggests, you keep writing about yourself, specifically your self-improvements. It can be made as detailed as you want. You may also mention the failures you encounter while accomplishing your self-improvement goal.

For instance, 

You may not be punctual and often end up reaching late at office or school. So, you can start by slowly changing your sleeping habits. If you have the habit of sleeping by 2am at night , you can start by changing it to 1:30am max and gradually coming down to 10:30/ 11:00pm. If you are someone who wants to be super healthy then definitely you can sleep by 10pm too, totally your choice!

5. Productivity journal-

This is similar to a to do list but it is to be maintained on a day to day basis. There are 365/366 days a year, you plan all of your 365/366 days in advance (Obviously a night prior or whenever the need arises).

For instance, you have a presentation on the 22nd of February and you were informed about this on the 15th of the same month. So, you’ve almost got a week to prepare but you definitely do have other things to do. You also know that you need a minimum of two days to prepare the presentation and so you fix 20th and 21st February for this work.

The days plan may look a something like this :

-20th February:

Household chores


Meet up with friends


Grocery Shopping


-21st February:

HouseHold chores




*This can be written in full details for better comprehension and advance level of planning. I also do have a blog on how to manage time which may help you to make these daily to do lists. You can check that out after reading this one for more information.

So, here you go, I tried to explain it all in a simple manner with examples too. Let me know if you try any of these and if they were of any help. I’m sure a few of you already maintain journals, so any suggestions???

Please do let me know, would love to try some more. Incase if you are unable to maintain one, it is alright, you can always restart!!

A to Z Of Life

School taught us ABCD in order to read, write and learn concepts, languages,etc. 

Life teaches us ABCD every single day! It is all new to feel, understand and adapt, but that is how life works. We have to mould and shape our existence according to it in order to remain healthy and feel alive! 

A- Accept

ACCEPTANCE of anything can make our life easier.

B- Belief

BELIEF in self should always be our priority.

C- Commitment

COMMITMENT to anything that isn’t in our favour may always seem unhealthy.

D- Distance

DISTANCE doesn’t matter because hearts are always connected.

E- Elevate

ELEVATE your inner self rather than self depriciating!

F- Fight

Yes! FIGHTING can save the bond you truly desire whilst silence can break the unbreakable.

G- Gift

Tomorrow is a GIFT not everybody gets!

H- Heart

Your HEART is meant to feel…not think.

I- I 

‘I‘ is the beginning for any you or the world out there.

J- Justice

Not only the words you utter deserve action but also JUSTICE!!

K- Kindness

Be kind to even those who give you no room for KINDNESS!!

L- Live

LIVE every single moment in the “here and now”.

M- Mistakes

MISTAKES teach us lessons we couldn’t understand the easy way.

N- No

Saying “NO” occasionally, doesn’t make you any less of a human.

O- Organise

ORGANISE your thoughts just as you organise your wardrobe!

P- Perspective

PERSPECTIVE is hard to gain but it can flip over the whole story!

Q- Qualify

QUALIFY yourself into a race with yourself.

R- Relief

One day you will breathe the breath of RELIEF

S- Surprise

Life is full of SURPRISES..some which we may like, some we just don’t !

T- Thoughts

THOUGHTS aren’t facts, don’t trick them into your existence!

U- Unique

Don’t underestimate your UNIQUE abilities, use them to your advantage.

V- Vanish

It is ok to VANISH away for a little while inorder to find your safe place.

W- Whisper 

Silence is the loudest WHISPER!

X- “eX” 

“eX” anything is always unhealthy. If it is gone, it never was yours.

Y- Yesterday

Don’t waste today dwelling into a “would have” of YESTERDAY.

Z- Zone

ZONE out of things that don’t help you be ‘you’.

This is my type of ABCD! What’s yours?

Please do let me know some in the comment section, would be so much fun to read different versions of ABCDs, heheh !

How to Self Motivate

Just get off your bed first!

I’m sure you are reading this whilst lying down, so, just get off of your bed- that’s step 1 for you. 

Are you up ?

Then we shall proceed with other steps towards self motivation. 

The term “Self Motivation” itself means to motivate one’s own self. This basically seems easy but it requires a good amount of dedication. It’s like a push or a kick start for yourself in order to accomplish something you truly want. As it is rightly said that if you truly truly want something, you strive for it no matter what! 

Since you already know your step 1, let’s go ahead with our step 2.

Step 2 can be Planning! 

Yes, plan out your whole day, it’s ok if you are too lazy and that you don’t want to write it down. Use your memory power, quickly plan out your day, things to be done. People often have too much going on in their mind which often adds on to them feeling demotivated to get started- hence planning out things really works!! 

Step 3 can now be Prioritizing the Plans for the day – 

I’ve mentioned about time management and prioritizing in my other blogs, which you can check for more details and understanding.

Step 4 can now be Implementation of the Prioritized Plans-

Now, this is a step which may require a little more than just sitting and planning, it needs action! A little push that you may have to start with, remember even if it is small, tiny, little, that’s ok, you tried , and that is more important.One step at a time, easy and slowly. At first, you may feel you are no where, but trust me, even if you could manage just the step 1 today, you’ve achieved something. You are better than yesterday and isn’t that what life is all about??? 

Step 5

Now there are few bits around you which may need a little bit of attention as they do affect ones feeling of motivation.

Your Environment !

Make sure that you do wake up to see a clean room, organised tables over a room full of leftovers from your late night gatherings or dinner plans.

Positive environment energizes you to get going.

Step 6

Role Models –

Apart from a positive physical environment, it is also necessary to be around People who are functional and may get you the vibe you require to get your day started. Now these, do not necessarily have to be your friends, but anybody whom you can look upon and feel a little motivated. Those who can be really supportive and willing to help and guide you through.

Step 7

Practice Self Talk –

This has helped me so much to grow and always keep me going even if it is literally one step, one day! Talk to yourself,” I can do this, One step at a time.”

“I can give it a shot.”

“You did it , you tried, you accomplished a few steps and that is really good, few more to go! Woohoo!!”

Step 8

Reward Self –

Now obviously, after every little accomplishment of a task, a reward is a must! You can decide for yourself, it can be anything from taking an extra day off from work to pampering yourself with chocolates and pizzas. Give yourself the credit, the recognition that your mind and body may need to grow ahead. You deserve it !!

Try and keep trying, keep doing and following these 8 easy steps and trust me, step 9,10,11….and more will just fall into place.