Keep Those Who Care..

Sometimes we do things, we don’t intent to do. 

Sometimes we push away people who care for us, who stood by us all along patiently, listening to everything we have to express…I understand that you need your time and space and it is ok to ask for it, but, you may also want to think about those who are your support system. Those who choose to be by your side keeping away their own battles they may have had..don’t push away these valuable parts of your life, valuable people of your life.

Don’t let go of your beautiful existence weeping over things you may have lost, instead count on the blessings..I’m sure you’ll lose count! We often have alot of amazing things going on around us but we often lose our anchor, our focus. You are a beautiful person, you deserve happiness, you deserve to be loved..don’t abandon the people who care about you and who mean the world to you in this extreme phase of feeling pain.

You maybe in pain today, you maybe hurt today but don’t push away those who are around you, wanting to help you when you feel awful. 

The reason for pain is something else but you may end up losing some really good people, some selfless beings..

Take your time… but come back!

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