Not ok to OK!

Well , to begin with as the title suggests ,

‘It is ok to not be ok’, heard of this? 

This clearly means that one cannot be smiling or happy all the time, we all have our reasons to feel sad or horrible about something, at times we might know the reason , at times we might not..there are many instances in life which we don’t really adapt to too well.

Here, are just a few random statements which i could think off must be habitual .

1. Sometimes IT IS OK to make the worst mistake ever…

-Because you are a human and humans tend to make mistakes and do things they never intended to do !

2. I understand that you cannot see your parents or partner or friends cry but trust me sometimes IT IS OK to cry..    

-Because sometimes the problem is just in your head and crying is helping you vent it all out !

3. IT IS ABSOLUTELY OK for a man to cry..

-Because men are humans too !

It is ok to feel completely worked up ,to feel that you have all the problems in the world ,to feel that you have no solutions..

Remember: There is a solution to every problem ,as it is rightly said, every problem comes with a solution, just like every lock has a key.

4.IT IS OK to feel sad for no reason..

-Because we are all human beings and we all do have mood swings irrespective of our age or gender. At times we just don’t want to be around people, we just want to be alone ! I see no harm there !!

5. IT IS OK to make a mistake..

-Because you can always correct yourself by not repeating it again ,by repenting, by trying to work on it!

6.IT IS OK to show that you care…

-Because if you don’t, chances are that you might lose them , lose those who value you , care for you ,love you.. so, put your “care” into words is at times necessary because every human likes an assurance! 

So, here were simply a few statements which I thought I should mention are fine to come across as life experiences.There is ofcourse alot more to this, please do let me know some in the comments down below and you may never know whom your inspire.

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