99 less than 1 ?

Love! The most commonly spoken topic in the whole world. It is too mainstream but I don’t think we have understood the actual meaning of love. What is love? How would you define it? Please do let me know your views. Well, I will try to share what and how I define love.

The biggest responsibility is to love. It has all the heavy words connected to it: Loyalty, trust, belief, understanding, support, etc but in today’s world we use ‘I love you’, those three “magical” words, as if it is a joke. It is so commonly used that the actual value of ‘I love you’ means nothing any more. We use these words sometimes to express our feelings towards a best friend whether male or female, or to a partner and of course, family and friends! We can definitely differentiate the way we love, when it comes to a best friend, from the way we love our partner. But the point is, how we define the love we feel for everyone around us.

Well to me, love is the most beautiful thing in the whole world. It is the best feeling. The best of all our emotions.

When you are in love, you have the power to conquer the world no matter the situation, no matter the difficulty, no matter the problem. You never take the love you receive for granted because somebody out there is waiting for love.

If you cannot find solutions together, at least you can face the problem together… that’s the beauty of love! You are powerful even if you are just two people together fighting the world. When two people truly love each other, they need no one. Simply having each other can mean being each other’s whole world. Trust is the key to every relationship, and by relationship I mean family, siblings, friends, partner or with your parents or with anybody in the world but if there is NO TRUST, THERE IS NO LOVE. Love involves trusting someone to an extent where no third person can barge in anytime, with any possible reason, because you both are matured enough to learn the truth and most importantly understand the person because you’ve been knowing that person for maybe months now or perhaps years, so our focus should be the individual’s nature as a whole rather than one particular incident.

To make this a little more easy,

‘Let’s value someone for the 99 beautiful things s/he has done rather than the 1 thing which was possibly not so nice.’

If we talk about ages ago, love was very pure, no cruel minds, no using anybody but nowadays I feel love has become a joke. Even if it is just infactuation or mere attachment, we call it love. I am not blaming anybody because I know it maybe just an age related concern. Love is complicated. Your age does not matter. Young love can sometimes understand it better than the vintage love. Because sometimes, understanding love is understanding each other. The only thing I am pointing out is when we are matured enough to understand love (or if we so think), have we truly understood when it comes to loving? We need to be very thoughtful when it comes to grasping the actual meaning of love. We often misunderstand love and not value whom we have, so now let us try to know love, how sensitive it can be, it should be and it actually is!

Love is developing and growing together each day. Yes! That’s love…it changes everyday yet deepens every second!

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