How To NOT Procrastinate ?

Procrastination is something we all have done multiple times for various reasons. And it is ok to procrastinate sometimes, yes, it’s fine. However, sometimes it does start to affect your functionality and productivity. It may also make you feel low about yourself, make you feel guilty, however, there maybe few ways which can help. These were a few which I’ve tried and have helped me progress, slow and easy.

Let me try to explain them to you :

1. Just Do It –

This first thing seems absurdly impossible, but trust me, it does work! Slowly, but yes! The moment you have a task assigned to yourself, just do it at the moment, even before your mind starts to work and gives you passive thoughts of procrastination. Just get up and do it right away, plan it out and execute it! Don’t let your mind control you!!

2. Have fixed activities – 

Try to fix yourself with certain daily or weekly tasks or activities, so that you are able to start with atleast accomplishing minimal, yet important tasks, instead of marking your way towards procrastination.

3. Positive Self Talk-

Every morning when you wake up, start your day on a positive note, with a positive self talk. Stand in front of the mirror, and try to talk to yourself positively, make yourself feel good and worthy. 

For instance, 

‘I have the ability to complete my assignments and projects before the deadline, before the target time and I will do it’


‘I am trying hard, it doesn’t feel easy but I am on it.’


‘I can and I will.’

4. Rewards and Punishments –

Old school strategy! Always worked and yes, it did work for me too. As the name suggests, you reward yourself after accomplishment of every task and punish yourself incase of failure in the accomplishment of a task. I do have this in full detail in my other blogs, you can definitely check them out too.

5. Have a buddy –

This usually works in every case to accomplish every activity. 

You want to work out, get going to the gym, get a gymming buddy!

You want to finish a task, find a buddy with a similar task and just get started. 

This has personally helped me grow so much easily and effortlessly. Work doesn’t feel like a burden or something ‘to just get it over with’. You may end up enjoying your work.

6.Have a fixed schedule –

Procrastination may feel like a difficult habit to leave, but it is not impossible. Determination is the key. For this, you can try preparing a time table, a schedule which is prepared by your own self. You can decide the timings and the tasks to be assigned for each time slot. If you are someone who would like to try this and give it a shot, then I do have a separate blog where I’ve mentioned in full detail on how to go about preparing your own schedule step by step.

These may take time and alot of determination, start slow, no ‘Starting’ is the key. The will to bring about a change and is ok, you are only human, don’t be so harsh on yourself.

Start slow and easy, one step at a time. If I could do it, then you can too!

Please do let me know what strategies helped you through and also would really love some new recommendations!!

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