You Are Doing Your Best !!

Do you remember listening to stories as a kid ? Cinderella? Snow white? Wandering away in these fairy tales..little did we know or should I say grow up until we realised, that we are living a story ourselves! Yes! The Story of Our Lives!! 

We only have this life to make it the most worthy, the most beautiful, the most amazing and interesting story of our existence! Everybody has a story to tell, every single person you come across at the station or at the mall or somewhere on the streets… everybody is trying to become a better person. Everybody is trying to win this game of life! And so are you!! You are carrying with you the most beautiful, gorgeous smile, every single day, and I am with you in that…well done!

Great going friend! Just keep going! Very good! There is one thing and only one thing I want you to always remember is that you are unique, yes you are! And I mean it! There is nobody on this planet who can claim to be you, ofcourse, you may come across people who maybe similar to you but nobody can be you! You are different! Every single person on this planet is different, totally different, which is exactly why we have battles or concerns in life which are individualized (if I have to put it that way), which exist in our lives only because we are capable of handling it in the most righteous way. Also, because we are brave enough to face it all, all by ourselves. 

You are a warrior in disguise, you have reached here today because of your determination to grow and get going! You may have had alot of turmoils and disturbances in your life, but you are here ! And you are not alone.. remember everybody, yes!! All of us are in this together, we may have our own “individualized” concerns to think through, but we are all together in this story of human existence! We all have ups and downs, it is never a clear, plain, straight can never be, because that is not how life works! Imagine a life full of happiness and only happiness, there will be one point where we humans may lose the actual and the true feeling and value of, want to try and imagine a life full of sadness??? I suppose let it just be! We have ups and downs, only so we can value what we had, have and may have…

A moment of sadness helps us to truly value happiness and teaches us life lessons, pushes us to an extent where we get out of our comfort zone and come back stronger than before! So, just keep going..all I want you to know and remember is that you are doing the best you can! You may fall multiple times but I know every single time you get up, you’ve only become stronger and powerful. You are brave!

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