Use Or Not Use Social Media ?

Now I know that we live in a world that runs because of technology and how it is easy to spend hours on social media just so you are updated all the time. However, I’ve come across alot of people who have had experiences where it was difficult for them to do any particular task because their mind would always demand a social media break very often.

In my opinion, it is definitely not easy to forget your mobile phones or tabs or ipads completely and just keep on working, a little break is definitely needed. 

Here, what you need to understand is that we need a balance, we need to balance out – work time and social media time. 

A few strategies that helped me gain control over my technology use which may come in handy for you guys.

1. Rewards –

Now this strategy is no new, this is a strategy that our parents have used with us since we were little – a little candy for writing A to Z. We do the same! Only difference, we replace candy with our mobile phones and A to Z with our tasks.

Let me make it a little more easier, you may have your exams coming up or maybe you have a presentation you need to prepare for and you feel absolutely demotivated to choose work or exams over your can talk to yourself and convince yourself to study or work on your presentation for an hour, only then do you allow yourself to get an access to your phone. Now, I know this is easier said than done, I understand! I hear you!! It is a little bit of a self control skill that may take time, so let’s say you start of with 15 minutes of work and then you get your reward, eventually increasing your task time which then helps to increase self control.

2.Punishment –

Obviously, as the name suggests! Haha. This is exactly the opposite, so if you do not study or work for 30 minutes, for instance, then you don’t use your phone at all. Now, I know you may still try to not punish your self but you really need to question yourself and decide what you want and if you are firm, then I promise you, you will definitely grow through this!

Here, you have it – two techniques only to start a little bit of self control, eventually mastering and learning to create a balance between work and social media time. This may take time, alot of dedication and patience, you may also feel like giving up but even if you could master 5 minutes of self control, here, you have made progress. Always remember, as someone once said slow progress is still progress.

Do let me know below how your experience was and also if you have certain other strategies as I would definitely like to try a few.

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