Everybody Is Trying…

I’m sure the person next to you is trying to hold up, is trying to clear up a mess, is trying to gather up all of his broken pieces, is trying not to cry, is trying even harder not to have a breakdown…life isn’t easy for them, life isn’t easy for you!

It’s unpredictable but it goes on, life goes on..every struggle has only made you a better person, taught you things that weren’t easy at first, right? If we all know that the people around us, here, at the mall, or at the station or wherever you maybe..are all having their own battles to fight and figure out..what then makes you think that you are the only one struggling through?? That you are the only loner, the only heartbroken, the only one having the “world’s biggest problem”..the problem which seems easy to you, may be a mountain filled with difficulties for someone else. 

We are all different, our problems are different, but we can unite by being considerate towards someone who got mad at you in the train for pushing him, towards someone who was rude when all you did was asked, “How are you?”…we can never wholly understand a human’s mind, their thoughts..but we can always try to ease it a little..you are not alone, you are never alone. 

We are all in this together!!

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