Oops! I’m Sorry..

SORRY :  A word which is very conveniently used by people for their convenience at their convenience.

Just because someone invented this word,it is very casually used.

Sorry is a responsibility which you take by apologizing for the mistake which was already done and that you won’t repeat it again. It is literally easier said than followed.

MISTAKE : An act which we don’t intend to do at times but still definitely do as we are humans and humans are bound to make mistakes.

There is nothing wrong in making mistakes because at times we do learn from them and some mistakes can be undone whereas there are some which can never be undone no matter what you do!

Ofcourse we are humans and we are bound to make mistakes ! AGREED ! BUT, the most important thing when it comes to making a mistake is REALIZATION of that mistake and the courage to accept, apologise and trying to rectify the same.

I truly believe in forgiving someone if the person has realized his or her mistake even if the person has not come up to me and said sorry or has apologized, rather feels guilty and has realized the mistake.So, realization is the key, followed by rectifying it over just hearing somebody apologize… Sorry needs to be seen in their actions!

Sorry has actually lost its value as it is so commonly used by each and everyone that sorry does not really mean anything to anyone anymore! It means that ‘ I apologize for doing xyz mistake and that I promise to not repeat it again or I will try to not repeat it again’.But we very conveniently say sorry for a particular incident and after few days or weeks or years , we are back to pavilion !

The mistakes can vary from something really worse to something as little as lying about flunking in an exam but a mistake is a mistake , whether something really serious or not.

Mistakes are something done for the first time ,something which you are unsure off, something which you did not know could lead to something unexpectedly wrong , something which was unintentionally done and it’s consequence was pretty unpleasant .The point lying in the fact that mistake is done only once , if it is done for the second time then it becomes a choice ! YES ! the first time it is a mistake but when it is repeated again ,it becomes a choice because you are already aware about it being wrong , being unpleasant ,being unacceptable ; knowing its consequence to be negative, yet if you’ve done it ,it is a choice because you chose to do so!

But remember!

Every mistake in this world can be forgiven . EVERY MISTAKE !! whether it is something really worse or something really little, every mistake can be forgiven because the most important thing is realization of the mistake I repeat!! 

Once you realize that you have done something wrong and you want to make it up to someone, that’s when it is the right time to forgive this person but if that does not happen, no apology in the world can suffice it .

Mistakes can break people, can break relationships and create a big mess but there is always a way out. True people will always stand by you no matter the mistake because one incident, one mistake is not how they define you as a person. Such individuals understand that you are a human and you never had any intentions to blew things up, instead they make things easy for you by allowing you to try, rectify and work towards being a better person.

Just a last thought to add on:

-Cowards are those who try to point out others’ mistakes when at fault because they know that they are weak and need just another excuse because accepting their mistake and apologizing and ofcourse most importantly realizing it is a courageous act and not everybody has the courage to do so.

Yes! It takes a lot of courage to first accept that you’ve made a mistake, everything else will then follow and you will find yourself at peace.

The world is a beautiful place to live in , let’s not make it ugly with our ugly hearts and grudges ,whatever it is , speak up and clear the misunderstanding.Try to value and choose relationships over ego because in the end of the day we are all dependent on each other whether you accept it or not!

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