Just BE !

You feel awful? You feel like crying?? You feel sad? Lonely and weak? Just let yourself be! Allow yourself and give that space for you to JUST BE! 

Be who you are! Be yourself. You are amazing and worthy. Whatever is that you feel is true and acceptable. I understand why you feel whatever is that you feel or think or do. 

Don’t stop yourself from expressing your true emotions and getting that feeling of freedom and expression. We are humans..one of the most weakest of creations when it comes to emotions and being around people. This weakness is infact honestly our biggest strength, it defines us, it defines our humanity…you just feel more human! 

Emotions are a part of us and we are supposed to be more verbal and expressive about it..journal it down or ring a friend. Do not stop yourself from verbalising your thoughts and feelings because only you alone truly know what you feel or think about something or someone. Only you alone know the reason and the exact emotion attached. Don’t let others mould your emotions or your feelings or your thoughts or you in general! You are you, just be you! 

Also, there is someone out there for sure who believes and values whatever is that you want to say, feel and express. This someone is probably already with you or you may someday find this “someone”…Allow yourself to sometimes feel weak, trust me, it will make you stronger!

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