Silence – The Loudest Whisper

Probably the most painful whisper is silence, it speaks so much louder and clearer than words ever will! Silence can speak a thousand words, can express a whole story. To be expressive about yourself doesn’t always have to be in words. 

You cannot use words to speak about your pain or scars because you may have been through so much that the expression of pain can only be explained to someone through silence..

You never know when you hurt someone so much , that they almost give up expressing themselves to an extent that you may never hear from them again, their emotions, their feelings…nothing! They just exist around you rather than feeling alive! You need to be aware of such people who talk and express themselves wholly from their hearts.. through their inner voice without a single expression of words. Their silence may talk about some hidden wounds, scars… memories, times they were hurt, feelings of non- existence…

‘Ouch! This hurts!’..they say, yes they do, we as their friends or family, must be there for them…just listen, lend them your ears, that is probably the only thing they want..your presence! You can help such people grow and feel better about themselves. We never know what scarred them and we don’t have to ..we need to make them feel themselves, feel their whole self…

We need to be there for these people by just being there, no extra efforts needed and yet you are doing for them the biggest of favours! 

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