Journaling, a very cute, pretty trendy word that has kept a lot of people going in this world, something that has helped me too. Since I’ve mentioned so much about time management and organization, I suppose that clearly shows how much of a paper pencil person I am! Oh yes, I am! I love to have to do lists, tiny notes, handwritten materials…I feel like having concrete materials really has helped me grow. This is one of those practices that has helped me learn about myself as a person, I’ve discovered so much about me!! There is so much information available out there on self-awareness, self-talk, self-love, self-care, practices you can do and so much more, but I genuinely feel like Journaling is one of the most effective of all, in my opinion.

 The moment you hold a pencil and begin to write, you will be extremely surprised by the things you’ll learn about yourself. Journaling may involve writing everything about self, from your busy day at work or school to a day full of absolute nothing. Journaling of your emotions, thoughts and feelings is healthy and so important, especially in today’s world where we really don’t find and give ourselves time and space to digest a situation and feel the emotions we actually feel. Journaling can be one healthy practice which helps us to vent out for our own selves, a platform we give to ourselves where we can speak a thousand emotions without the fear of being judged and misunderstood. Your Journal can be your friend who will never call you weak but instead come in handy. We often forget how much we can do for our own selves, for our own mental health. This little practice of writing, Journaling has helped me to grow so much and learn the real me. I’ve discovered a new me! 

Journaling has also challenged me as I’ve had days where I would go back to reading my old thoughts, where I realized how I changed, grew and explored myself without me even realizing the whole process and thought of bringing in change ! This practice did help me a lot and become self-aware, you too can try and let me know if it did help you even a little. I’m sure there are many out there who may use different strategies and I’d love to learn those for myself so please don’t forget to share them ..I’d love to try them. Thank you in advance!!

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