Death – A Certain Unpredictability

A Lot of unpredictable things happen in life…getting fired from your favourite job ,breaking ties/ fights with friends or family and so much more, but the most unpredictable events of all is death…losing someone to death. It is the most certain unpredictable part of our existence, yet leaves us so startled, like it is non existent. We all know there is an end to us all, maybe today, tomorrow or later, how many of us can actually be true to ourselves and say ‘Oh yes! I can die in peace!’, anybody? 

I’m afraid..we are all in the same boat..we all have unfinished businesses, yes we do. Let me now tell you what they actually are..there are loads of things but let me mention a few of the very basic important ones. Unfinished business can be anything that does not make you feel yourself as a whole..this can be breaking ties with people due to reasons which maybe a cause of concern but at what cost ????

Let me ask you a few very simple questions,

Did you try to reconcile? 

Did you text or call? 

Did you try to clear misunderstandings, if any?

Put your age, ego, status away…it is going to be of absolute no help after you die, you aren’t going to carry along any of it!

“I am older to him, he should be apologizing!”

“I texted once, now I won’t. If she feels like it, she will text me.”

Nothing matters when you truly love someone, everything feels acceptable. Age is only a number, you can be 65 or 80 and yet may have somebody younger to you teaching you or showing you a different perspective towards living and that’s ok! It is absolutely fine. 

Ego and status, something so dangerous, can scar a relationship for life. Be that person, who values everything over materialistic things…value the sentiments of people, their vulnerability, accept that mistakes are done but we are only times people don’t intend to hurt you. I repeat.. intentions must matter more than actions. 

Also, I personally hate to have constant negative, compelling thoughts in my mind.. “Oh, we both aren’t talking since our argument last night…might as well be careful not to initiate a conversation” – WHY ??!! These thoughts personally make me feel really draining and mentally unfit and unhealthy..I love myself and negativity did good to no one! Why would we want to punish our heart and mind with such thoughts?! Rather choose to sit together and think through the relationship or any situation, question each other and the situation in a healthy way and learn from it..this may infact help to enhance your relationship with each other because you learn something new about each other.

Death is certain, every soul shall taste death! 

Question lies –

Are we prepared for it ?

Are we carrying burdens?

Do we have unfinished businesses?

Keep adding more questions to become conscious of the life you’ve been gifted with. It’s a journey, might as well make it beautiful and worth lived for !!

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