Time Management for Beginners

Something which is really hard to master but it’s not impossible at all! Coming from my experience, it is a slow process which eventually may turn into your habit. Now this came easy to me, because as a child I grew up like that..pre planning, being organised, management of work,etc. This skill really helped me grow through my work, as a person it always gave me an idea of where I stand, what all are my priorities, what’s my next step and so much more.

I’ll be mentioning all of those things that helped me master this time management skill. You too can try out these and let me know what worked or maybe share few of your strategies for me to learn from.

1. Making lists –

There may be days where you feel absolutely lost because there is so much to do and very less time..only 24 hours feels really less. Now that we cannot increase those 24 hours, we can try to pace up our work by simply being a little strategic. So, what you can do is write down every single task that you’ve got to do; there maybe 10 or 15 or maybe even more, doesn’t matter, just list them all down. 

2. Prioritization –

Now, the list that you have is going to make alot more of a sense. Start numbering these tasks from 1 to 10 or 15 (depending upon the number of tasks you have). Now, how do you number them?? Based on 2 important points:

a) Target time / Time – limit :-

This is the deadline, as many people refer to. For instance, you may have a project to submit after three days and the next is after a week, so the former will be numbered as priority number 1 and the latter as 2.

b) Investment of time  :-

As the name suggests, there may be certain tasks that may require a lot more of your time and efforts. So, those tasks must be considered a priority over a few others. 

For instance, there may be an essay to be submitted in two days and then, there may be a project to be submitted in three or four days. Now we all know that projects usually take longer than an essay. So, here we can prioritize both as 1.a. and 1.b. so that we know that both need attention however 1.a. is to be submitted before 1.b. (1.a. is your essay and 1.b. is your project).

3. Check on supplies –

Now, after making a list and prioritizing, you must make sure that you’ve got all the supplies that you may need to get your first task off of your list. 

For instance, let’s continue to take the same example so that it is easy for us to comprehend. You have a project to submit, so one must make sure that you have all the basic supplies you may need, starting from collection of data to a printer to print out your project once it is done. Once, you’ve got your supply, this brings us to our 4th step.

4. Start off –

Our final step, where we actually get started!! Now that we know our first task and we’ve got the supplies as well, our very last step is to now actually begin the task. Here too, you can start from level A to level B and eventually reach level Z. Try going one step at a time, and focus on the micro tasks that come in while accomplishing your macro task.

Slowly, easy and one at a time!

Hey! There you are, four easy steps to master the time management skill. Let me know in the comments, what tasks you could manage finishing in a given time frame. Also, mention other topics  you want me to write about.

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