Me and Emotions!

Emotions are like rollercoasters, sometimes up, sometimes down… remember!!? And it is ok for you to feel multiple feelings and emotions, yes it is, feeling it all, all at once… remember crying because you are so angry??! And it is too much for you to take it all in and accept!? Emotions are just natural human tendencies of expressing self, your true self..your words may lie, but your eyes can do the talking too.

Yes, we all have days where we are feeling at the top of the world, feel like we are strong and that we can break the walls, but I’m sure..we also do have certain days where it is difficult for us to leave our blankets and get off of our beds, to even make ourselves a cup of coffee… relatable? It is only human, yes, we are just being our own self. You may not feel like expressing your true self in front of people, but to yourself??? Why not???

You feel like crying??? You cry !!

You feel like you are angry?? You punch your pillow!!

You feel like no one hears you?? You scream out loud! 

Whatever it is that you feel, you let it all out, because holding yourself from expression of emotions is unhealthy, may affect you mentally..may be draining, and tiring. Talk to yourself, about how you feel and why you feel so, try certain activities that you may like doing, practice writing down your thoughts, pamper yourself by eating that extra slice of cake, it is ok to have that extra pound if it leads to happiness. Go hug your parents and later ask for a head massage, hehe ! There are things you can do when you feel whatever is that you are feeling.. problem does not arise when you feel an emotion, problem arises when you try to cease it’s expression, when you try to cease it’s acceptance and existence. 

Today is your day!
Give yourself the freedom…
The Freedom of Expression!!

Emotions are a part of being human, natural process and functioning of human body.. stopping yourself from expression is like denying yourself the freedom we have been gifted with. You are beautiful, but it is ok to have ugly days!!

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